Promotional Product Ideas for a New Golf Shop

Promotional Product Ideas for a New Golf Shop

When starting out a new pro golf shop, it is essential to recognize some top product ideas for promoting your store and sales. More so, you can consider the ease of clients in booking an event through your store way before the event or competition. In addition, you should not only identify the items that may be enlisted in the promotion, but you should also customize these items for your store. 

Promotional Product Ideas for a New Golf Shop

The promotional product ideas may be helpful for tournaments and pro golf shops in particular categories. Also, it may promote brands or golf events while you remember to recommend some of your bestselling brands. 

Golf Shop Items to Promote 

1. Golf Towels

One excellent way to draw people’s attention to your store is by providing embroidered towels for golfers. Since a towel is a vital part of a golfer’s attire, you can produce promotional towels with your printed logo or brand on them. In addition, these branded towels can also serve the purpose of giving them out as gifts to golfers. Some of the classic choices in this category include the Argyle golf towels, Jacquard golf towels, etc. 

So, you can customize embroidered towels or simply make an imprint on a friendly existing brand in-store. If you will using a famous brand, ensure you pick one that already has a high perceived value among people. A perfect golf towel will be the ones with friendly and soft touch; affordable; moderate weight and has a hook or grommet. In your next golf tournament, you need a smooth, high-quality bargain of golf towels in various colors but retaining the store brand. 

2. Golf Balls

Another excellent product choice to promote is golf balls that can easily carry your store logo and come in bulk. A bulk offer of golf balls can have a minimum of six dozens of some of the best brands. The most famous golf balls’ options for promotion include Titleist, Taylor, Wilson, Made, and Maxfi. Depending on how the other brands are doing and specific models, you may also have them. It is also easy to add some additional items to golf balls, such as markers.

An impressive benefit of using golf balls as promotional products is that you can easily pack them as executive corporate gifts. You just need to pick the most valuable brand that the recipient is going to appreciate.  In choosing the golf ball brand, like the most suitable for charity golf tournaments or printable for store promotions. The Local Golfer store can get you printed customized golf balls for particular games. 

3. Pitchfix Original 2.0 Divot Tool

A divot tool is one of the most accessible products to add your custom brand logo for practical promotional purposes. For instance, the Pitchfix models are made from a collection of high-quality plastic materials, giving them an unbelievable lightweight and strength for use. Usually, the Pitchfix Divot tools come in as many as six different colors to create a variety for golfers and business owners to choose from. 

A divot tool can also be considered one of the ultimate items for any golfer available almost everywhere you can find a golf course. Business owners can simply make this golfing item available in tournaments, country clubs, and during golf tournaments. Remember to add a custom imprint on your market while adding your brand or company name to its divot tool. Two crucial benefits of adding a name are customization and marketing.

4. Club Cleaner

A unique item you can also take up as a promotional product is the club cleaner with a full-color imprint. Golfers will appreciate having a quality brush for cleaning their golfs. One specific brand is the DBrush brand that can also accommodate your peculiar store brand. The product has stiff non-wire bristles that can clean up the grooves of a club with friendly contact for better performance. It also comes in beautiful colors and shapes for good handling.

In addition, the club cleaner has a small enough size that it can easily fit into your pocket. Golfers in the countryside, in outdoor tournaments and sports stores, can find this item very useful. Meanwhile, the golf shop owner may customize the article with his logo while showing off the product brand to promote. Besides, adding your logo is a way of promoting the value of your brand. Mind you, the price may vary, depending on the level of color imprint you want on the club cleaners. 

5. Golf Bag Cooler

Golf Business owners can also customize golf bag coolers as a promotional item to drive more sales. The articles are often made from a 600d PolyCanvas with an internally insulated material and multiple compartments. The inner lining adds to the ability of the material to retain the internal temperature for long hours. More so, it also has front and back zipper pockets for keeping some other related valuable items while on the golf course.

Each golf bag cooler has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and comes in diverse colors. This variety makes it easy as a promotional item. You can always customize them to give a befitting look to your customers. So, for the next tournament, you may want to create some personalized golf bag coolers to suit the participants. In addition, don’t forget to add your company logo while supporting the casual conversation among top clients and customers alike.

Promotional Product Ideas for a New Golf Shop


On a final note, these promotional products above can serve as great ideas to drive sales in your store for more profits. Remember also to send out notices and announcements to your existing and potential customers about your promotional sales. These notices can also serve as an awareness strategy while adding an event that impresses your guests. When you implement these strategies correctly, you can make fabulous sales and draw much profit. In the plan to promote your store products in a new marketing campaign, you can ask your customers to get a quote or call in for more details.